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Platypelis cowanii
Betsileo Giant Treefrog
family: Microhylidae
subfamily: Cophylinae

  hear Fonozoo call

Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN (Red List) Status Data Deficient (DD)
National Status None
Regional Status None



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A largely unknown species. Only the female holotype is reliably known (30 mm SVL). In preservative brown with irregular dark markings. Skin smooth. Tympanum distinct, 3/5 of eye diameter. Tibiotarsal articulation reaches the tympanum. Toe 3 longer than toe 5. Specimens from Voloina may belong to this species but may also be an undescribed species.

Similar species: Other Platypelis (Glaw and Vences 2007).

Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: Madagascar


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Type locality is East Betsileo. Specimens from Voloina have been tentatively assigned to this species (Glaw and Vences 2007). Because of this uncertainty, no range map can be prepared for this species (Nussbaum and Raxworthy 2008).

Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
Habits: Largely unknown. At Voloina, calling males at night on trees in rainforest, up to 3m high (Glaw and Vences 2007). It is presumably an arboreal rainforest species that breeds in tree holes and bamboo (Nussbaum and Raxworthy 2008).

Trends and Threats
Listed as data deficient because of continuing doubts as to its taxonomic status as well as absence of information on its extent of occurrence, status and ecological requirements. There are no known threats or conservation actions (Nussbaum and Raxworthy 2008).

Taken with permission from Glaw and Vences (2007) and Nussbaum and Raxworthy (2008).


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Written by: Miguel Vences and Frank Glaw (2003-02-25)

Edited by: Catherine Aguilar (2010-07-18)

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