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Ameerega trivittata | Three-striped Poison Frogs

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There is mounting evidence that most amphibians are pretty good at finding their way home. Recently, PasĖŒukonis et al. (2018) strapped tiny radio transmitters to Three-striped Poison Frogs (Ameerega trivittata) to see how well they could navigate back to their home territories after being moved different distances. Ameerega trivittata are particularly interesting to study because they lay their eggs on land and once they hatch, adult males move their tadpole young via piggyback to bodies of water. Thus, Ameerega trivittata may be especially talented at finding their way around the forest. The researchers found even when the frogs were moved further away from their home than they would normally travel, the frogs could navigate straight back to their home territory. This means the frogs may have a map-like navigation system; however, it is still uncertain what environment cues the frogs use to find their way home.

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