About AmphibiaWeb

AmphibiaWeb Vision

We believe:
  • A healthy future for all life on Earth must include thriving amphibians.
  • The means to conserving amphibians is to enable and facilitate better research and education with an accessible, consolidated, and curated information system for all amphibian species.


AmphibiaWeb connects people around the world by synthesizing and sharing information about amphibians to enable research, education, and conservation.

What We Do

To achieve our goals, AmphibiaWeb aims to establish a knowledge-base for all amphibians in the world, which includes:
  • Creating a web page for every species of amphibian to provide information on their conservation status, phylogeny, taxonomy, species biology, natural history, and distribution.
  • Providing reliable content for broad audiences on relevant topics to better understand the global amphibian crisis.
  • Offering unique data aggregations and visualizations on amphibian data.
  • Engaging students wherever possible such as outreach, writing, researching, and analysis
  • Coordinating and engaging a diverse panel of amphibian experts
  • Mobilizing the broader community of like-minded organizations and the interested public to contribute to the public knowledge about amphibians and conservation actions
  • Serving curated, authoritative content for the scientific community, policy makers, government agencies, students, and the public.