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The Steering Committee and the Associates meets about once a week to review the latest in amphibian news, consider new partnerships, brainstorm ways to make the site more useful, address any controversies in the amphibian literature, and discuss how better AmphibiaWeb can address conservation issues facing amphibians in crisis. Other Acknowledged Contributions by the AmphibiaWeb Team

Steering Committee

David B. Wake

Director & Co-Founder
University of California at Berkeley

David Wake initiated AmphibiaWeb from the suggestions of his seminar on amphibian declines in 1999, which was proceeded by a decade of Wake sounding 'the alarm' on amphibian declines worldwide. He continues to lead the AmphibiaWeb team and its taxonomic subcommittee.

Michelle S. Koo

Associate Director
University of California at Berkeley

Michelle Koo is the staff curator of Biodiversity Informatics at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley, whose research in the evolutionary biogeography of vertebrates tends towards the herpetological ones. She brings informatics, cartography and data together for AmphibiaWeb acting as chief editor and go-getter.

Vance Vredenburg

Associate Director & Co-Founder
San Francisco State University

Vance Vredenburg is associate professor of biology at San Francisco State University, fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, and research associate of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley. His research focuses on emerging infectious disease and conservation of amphibians. Vredenburg is AmphibiaWeb's amphibian disease expert.

Rayna Bell

Senior Associate
California Academy of Sciences

Rayna Bell is the Curator of Herpetology at the California Academy of Sciences where she is actively pursuing the evolution, ecology and physiology of frogs, particularly in West Africa, including the Gulf of Guinea islands. She also collaborates with partners in Puerto Rico and US Fish and Wildlife Service leading the conservation genomics efforts to form sound conservation strategies for Eleutherodactylus frogs endemic to the island of Puerto Rico.

David Blackburn

Senior Associate, Taxonomy Subcommittee
University of Florida, Gainesville

David Blackburn is a curator of herpetology in the Florida Museum of Natural of History at the University of Florida. His research focuses on the diversity and evolution of amphibians, especially frogs, with focus on anatomy, African biogeography, and even fossils. Currently he is the lead PI on NSF's Overt project to CT scan all vertebrates. He is one of the 'Davids' on AmphibiaWeb's taxonomy subcommittee.

David Cannatella

Senior Associate, Taxonomy Subcommittee
University of Texas, Austin

David Cannatella is a professor of integrative biology and the associate chair of the Biodiversity Collections at the University of Texas, Austin. He studies systematics and evolution of frogs, notably in the Neotropics. He is a member of AmphibiaWeb's taxonomy subcommittee bringing his detailed knowledge of the nomenclatural rules to good use.

Alessandro Catenazzi

Senior Associate
Florida International University

Alessandro Catenazzi is an associate professor of biology at the Florida International University, where his research focuses on conservation biology and herpetology with diverse studies on chytrid in the Andes, thermal ecology and physiological impacts of climate change and evolution of frogs and lizards in South America. He is a reviewer for the Red List Authority on neotropical amphibians.

Ann Chang

AmphibiaWeb Coordinator
University of California, Berkeley

Ann Chang is AmphibiaWeb's editor of all student species accounts, including supervising all UC Berkeley apprentices for AmphibiaWeb, and coordinating our public events like CalDay at UC Berkeley. Ann specializes in scientific education and is responsible for the lesson plans on our Education Resources. She manages our Facebook and other social media while coordinating the Steering committee meetings; in short, she keeps us sane.
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Joyce Gross

AmphibiaWeb Programmer & Co-Founder
University of California, Berkeley

Joyce Gross has worked as a programmer for natural history collections for over 20 years and launched AmphibiaWeb in 2000 as one of the original founders. She is also a published photographer and currently is working on the updated edition of California Insects for UC Press.

Carol Spencer

Senior Associate
University of California, Berkeley

As staff curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, board member of SSAR and exceutive council of Herpetologists League, Carol Spencer is a critical link to the collections and herpetology discipline. She began her association with AmphibiaWeb as the HerpNet Coordinator and has been an active member since.
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Kyle Summers

Senior Associate
East Carolina University

Kyle Summers is a professor of biology at East Carolina University in North Carolina. His research focuses on the evolutionary ecology and genetics of the Neotropical poison frogs, particularly the evolution of aposematism (warning coloration and chemical defense) and mimicry, and the evolution of parental care and related reproductive strategies.

Rebecca Tarvin

Senior Associate
University of California, Berkeley

Rebecca Tarvin is a curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, where her research interests in the adaptive traits of amphibians, particularly toxicity, is productively integrated with conservation concerns that amphibians face. She has served AmphibiaWeb since she was a Miller postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley in 2018.

Current Associates

Allison Byrne University of California Berkeley, Graduate Student
Raul Diaz California State University Los Angeles, Professor
Jeffery Frederick University of California Berkeley, Graduate Student
Max Lambert University of California Berkeley, Post-doctoral Fellow
Heidi (Newt) Rockney Oregon State University, Videographer and Graduate Student
Molly Womack University of California Berkeley, Post-doctoral Fellow
Rudolf von May California State University Channel Islands, Professor
Andy Zink San Francisco State University, Professor

Past Associates

David Bloom University of California Berkeley, VertNet Liaison
Tom Devitt University of California Berkeley, Graduate Student
Rebecca Doubledee Declines Specialist
Christina Lew University of California Berkeley, GIS Assistant
Meredith Mahoney University of California Berkeley, Senior Associate
Lara Rachowicz Amphibian Disease Specialist
Tate Tunstall Senior Associate
Jamie Voyles University of Nevada, Reno, Amphibian Disease Specialist
Kellie Whittaker AmphibiaWeb Coordinator and Senior Associate
Julian Wittische Visiting Scholar, Associate
Mingna (Vicky) Zhuang AmphibiaWeb Research Coordinator


Arie van der Meijden
CIBIO Institute, Portugal

Global Partners:

Jean-Marc Hero

Alexander Haas

Miguel Vences

In Memoriam Tim Halliday, Literature Specialist
The Open University, UK
We are grateful for his support, vision and service.

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We have the ambitious goal of establishing a "home page" for every species of amphibian in the world. In order to accomplish this goal we encourage volunteers to help us prepare species accounts. If you have special interest in a particular species, please contact us and we will send you an electronic template for the species accounts. We also encourage submission of photographs and range maps. If you have a photograph that you can submit electronically, we would be pleased to receive it. Photographs that are most valuable are those that include exact locality information, including date and observer. Also please indicate museum number if voucher specimens exist. We will edit accounts and communicate with authors before putting the account onto the website. Thanks to all who are willing to help.

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