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AmphibiaWeb Data Use Policy

Terms of Use:

Creative Commons License

AmphibiaWeb's page content, including original graphics, are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC-BY-NC) license. This applies to all of the content and data on unless otherwise stated and may be used under the following conditions.

  1. Data available on AmphibiaWeb is intended for personal, academic and other educational purposes and may not be sold or used for any commercial purposes;
  2. AmphibiaWeb must by cited in all copies (see citation format below);
  3. Some data may be downloaded to files and altered in format for analytical purposes; however, the data should clearly reference the source and bear the AmphibiaWeb citation as formatted below;
  4. Users may not download multiple images or large amounts of data (including text, maps, sound files, and video) from AmphibiaWeb without explicit permission. It is not in our interest or that of our contributors to have uncontrolled subsets of these holdings available elsewhere on the Internet. We make corrections, add text, add images, etc. on a continual basis, and we want the most current set of images and text to be the only one generally available to all Internet users. Please see Accessing Data for ways to link to us dynamically;
  5. Photos taken from AmphibiaWeb may only be used in accordance with the usage guidelines provided with the photo and the photographer must be clearly credited with the image; for more information click here;
  6. If you re-use our content, we appreciate notification; if for a website, we request that you link to AmphibiaWeb. Please contact us for logo or notification.

For questions about use, please contact AmphibiaWeb.

What's Not Included

  • Content AmphibiaWeb does not own (such as book excerpts and some datasets)
  • Photos on our web pages, which have their own non-Creative Commons license-- see Image use policy
  • Other data labeled without a Creative Commons or AmphibiaWeb citation, and provided by a third-party partner.

    AmphibiaWeb updates its pages regularly, but assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, or completeness of content. Please report any errors or inaccuracies.

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    The Internet Archive also allows a way to archive a web page for future citation-- try it with an AmphibiaWeb Species page.