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Hylodes japi
family: Hylodidae
Species Description: de Sa FP, Canedo C, Lyra ML, Haddad CFB 2015 A new species of Hylodes (Anura, Hylodidae) and its secretive underwater breeding behavior. Herpetologica 71: 58-71.

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The species authority is: De Sá, F. P., C. Canedo, M. L. Lyra, and C. F. B. Haddad. 2015. A new Species of Hylodes (Anura, Hylodidae) and its Secretive Underwater Breeding Behavior. Herpetologica 71:58-71.

Hylodes japibelongs to the family Hylodidae. Based on Bayesian inference analysis of COI, 16S and RAG1, it is sister to H. sazimai, H. ornatus, H. perere, and H. aminicola (De Sá et al. 2015).

The specific epithet, japi, came from an indigenous Tupi word that means “springs”. This refers to the transparent rivulets that are abundant in this species’ breeding habitat (De Sá et al. 2015).

Underwater breeding behavior occurs in other members within this same genus as well as members within Crossodactylus (De Sá et al. 2015).

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