Bolitoglossa suchitanensis

Subgenus: Magnadigita
family: Plethodontidae
subfamily: Hemidactyliinae
Species Description: Campbell JA, Smith EN, Streicher J, Acevedo ME, Brodie Jr ED 2010 New salamanders (Caudata: Plethodontidae) from Guatemala, with miscellaneous notes on known species. Misc Publ Mus Zoology Univ Mich 200: 1-66.

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN (Red List) Status Data Deficient (DD)
Other International Status None
National Status None
Regional Status None

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From the IUCN Red List Species Account:


Range Description

This species is only known from Volcán Suchitán, above Aldea Suchitán, Municipio Santa Catarina Mita, between 1,850–1,990 m asl, Departamento Jutiapa, Guatemala (Campbell et al. 2010). Although further survey efforts in neighbouring areas were unsuccessful in recording this species somewhere else, it is presumed to also occur in the Volcán Suchitán's summit at 2,040 m asl as suitable habitat is continuous get this high (Campbell et al. 2010).

Habitat and Ecology

Volcán Suchitán is surrounded by warm subtropical dry montane forest but the upper slopes of the volcano where this species was collected, support a relatively humid broad-leaf forest with abundant mosses and epiphytes (Campbell et al. 2010). Other than several hiking paths, the vegetation is dense near the crest where slopes can be very steep (Campbell et al. 2010). This species was found during the day buried in moss on logs, beneath rotting logs or in damp leaf litter on a hiking trail known locally as “La Bandera.” (Campbell et al. 2010). At night time it was also found in the same place actively climbing on branches, ferns, or leaves in secondary vegetation 0.6–1.6 m above the ground (Campbell et al. 2010). It is believed to breed by direct development (J.Campbell pers. comm. October 2011).


It is common within its known distribution range (J.Campbell pers. comm. October 2011).

Population Trend


Major Threats

There were no observed major threats to this species (J.A. Campbell pers.comm. November 2011).

Conservation Actions

No conservation actions are currently known for this species. More information is needed on this species' population status, life history and threats.

Red List Status

Data Deficient (DD)


Listed as Data Deficient since it has only recently been described, and there is still very little known about its extent of occurrence, area of occupancy, status and ecological requirements.


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