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Stumpffia pardus Rakotoarison, Scherz, Glaw, Köhler, Andreone, Franzen, Glos, Hawlitschek, Jono, Mori et al., 2017
family: Microhylidae
subfamily: Cophylinae
genus: Stumpffia
Species Description: Rakotoarison A, Scherz MD, Glaw F, Koehler J, Andreone F, Franzen M, Glos J, Hawlitschek O, Jono T, Mori A, Ndriantsoa SH, Raminosa NR, Riemann JC, Roedel M-O, Rosa GM, Fieites DR, Crottini A, Vences M 2017 Describing the smaller majority: integrative taxonomy reveals twenty-six new species of tiny microhylid frogs (genus Stumpffia) from Madagascar. Vertebrate Zoology Senckenberg 67:271-398.

sound file    (242.5 K MP3 file)
Locality Ambodivoangy
Country Madagascar
Date Recorded
Call Type
Temperature (F/C)
Temperature Type
Notes Date recorded 02 April 2010. Voucher number: FGZC 4237
Recorded By Jörn Köhler
Copyright © Jörn Köhler (Contact for questions about using this file.)
Date Entered 2017-12-01

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