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Rentapia hosii (Boulenger, 1892)
Rentap's Asian Tree Toad, Brown Tree Toad
family: Bufonidae
genus: Rentapia
Species Description: Boulenger, G. A. (1892). "An account of the reptiles and batrachians collected by Mr. C. Hose on Mt. Dulit, Borneo." Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1892: 505–508. New genus by Chan, K.O., L. L. Grismer, A. Zachariah, R. M. Brown, and R. K. Abraham. (2016). "Polyphyly of Asian tree toads, genus Pedostibes Günther, 1876 (Anura: Bufonidae), and the description of a new genus from Southeast Asia." PLoS One 11(1): e0145903: 1–13.

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Locality Lebir Forest Reserve, Kelantan state, Peninsular Malaysia
State Kelantan
Country Malaysia
Date Recorded 2014-01-21
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Temperature (F/C)
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Notes Rentapia hosii, Lebir Forest Reserve, Kelantan state, Peninsular Malaysia, 21 Jan 2014
Recorded By Zaharil Dzulkafly
Copyright Zaharil Dzulkafly
Date Entered 2016-12-16

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