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Mouth-brooding Frogs

Members of this family would be included within the Leptodactylidae if it were not for their strange modes of brooding their offspring. The eggs are laid on land and the tadpoles are carried to water in the mouth of the male (Rhinoderma rufum) or complete their development within the vocal sacs of the male (Rhinoderma darwinii). Over the past 2 decades, populations in the Andes have been declining. The etymology of their generic and familial name means "rhinoceros-nosed" referring to the proboscis-like extension that is present at the tip of the snout.

Rhinoderma darwinii
Photo by Richard Sage
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Genus Insuetophrynus (1 species)
Insuetophrynus acarpicus no AmphibiaWeb account no photos no sound/video

Genus Rhinoderma (2 species)
Rhinoderma darwinii AmphibiaWeb account photos no sound/video
Rhinoderma rufum AmphibiaWeb account no photos no sound/video

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