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5 species in 2 genera

Commonly Called Helmeted Water Toads, False Toads

Calyptocephalella gayi
Calyptocephalella gayi
Photo by Peter Janzen
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The family Calyptocephalellidae is confined to Chile, and contains two genera, Calyptocephalella and Telmatobufo. Calyptocephalella gayi, the Helmeted Water Toad, is the sole species within its genus and was formerly known as Caudiverbera caudiverbera. Helmeted Water Toads are large, aquatic frogs, with females reaching up to 320 mm snout-vent length. The other genus, Telmatobufo, are smaller species and live in or next to fast-flowing streams in temperate Nothofagus forest.

This family has undergone taxonomic revision since it was originally named Batrachophrynidae (Frost et al. 2006), but then had to be renamed to Calyptocephalellidae (Frost 2007) when it was realized that prior karyotypic work by Córdova and Descailleaux (2005) had suggested that the genus Batrachophrynus was actually aligned with Telmatobius and thus nested within the family Ceratophryidae. Subsequent analyses support Calyptocephalella and Telmatobufo as sister groups.

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Notable Family Characteristics

  • Aquatic
  • Aquatic tadpoles; Telmatobufo tadpoles live in fast-moving streams and have oral suction discs
  • Robust, toadlike body
  • Sexual dimorphism in Calyptocephalella where females are larger (up to 320 mm snout-vent length) than males (up to 120 mm)
  • Axillary amplexus
  • Distribution limited to mountains of Chile in South America
Calyptocephalellidae Richness map

Cartography Credit: Zoe Yoo, UC Berkeley
Range maps sources: AmphibiaWeb, UC Berkeley, and IUCN RedList

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Genus Calyptocephalella (1 species)
Calyptocephalella gayi account photos no sound/video

Genus Telmatobufo (4 species)
Telmatobufo australis account no photos no sound/video
Telmatobufo bullocki account no photos no sound/video
Telmatobufo ignotus no account no photos no sound/video
Telmatobufo venustus account photos no sound/video

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