Allophrynidae (see family information on Tree of Life site)

3 species in 1 genus

A monotypic family whose position within "Neobatrachia" has been an enigma since its discovery by Gaige (1926). This species occurs north and south of the Amazon River and has been collected in Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, and Brazil. Recent studies (see species account for Allophryne ruthveni) place it as sister to the Centrolenidae. Not much is known about this frog's ecology, behavior, or development. Morphological characters for this family are as follows: 1) 8 presacral vertebrae; 2) ribs absent; 3) urostyle free; 4) pectoral girdle arciferal; 5) sternum cartilaginous and omosternum absent; 6) clavicle does not overlie scapula; 7) teeth absent; 8) intercalary cartilage between final and penultimate phalanx; 9) sartorious muscle separate and distinct; 10) pupil horizontal; 11) aquatic larvae (Type IV).


Genus Allophryne (3 species)
Allophryne relicta AmphibiaWeb account no photos no sound/video
Allophryne resplendens AmphibiaWeb account no photos no sound/video
Allophryne ruthveni AmphibiaWeb account photos no sound/video

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