AmphibiaWeb - Paramesotriton qixilingensis
Paramesotriton qixilingensis Yan, Zhao, Jiang, Hou, He, Murphy & Che, 2014
family: Salamandridae
subfamily: Pleurodelinae
genus: Paramesotriton
Species Description: Yuan Z. Zhao H, Jiang K, Hou M, He L, Murphy RW, Che J 2014 Phylogenetic relationships of the genus Paramesotriton (Caudata: Salamandridae) with the description of a new species from Qixiling Nature Reserve, Jiangxi, southeastern China and a key to the species. Asian Herpetological Research 5:67-79.

AmphibiaChina 中国两栖类.

Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Vulnerable (VU)
CITES Appendix II
National Status None
Regional Status None



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      Paramesotriton qixilingensis