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Litoria jervisiensis (Duméril & Bibron, 1841)
Jervis Bay Treefrog
family: Hylidae
subfamily: Pelodryadinae
genus: Litoria
Taxonomic Notes: Following the Australian Society of Herpetology, AmphibiaWeb uses Litoria instead of Ranoidea or Dryopsophus (contrary to Dubois and Fretey 2016 and Duellman et al 2016).
Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Least Concern (LC)
National Status None
Regional Status None



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Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: Australia


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Eastern coastal strip only. From far south-eastern Queensland to northern Victoria. Uncertain whether populations north of Sydney represent this or another taxa. In Victoria it is restricted to cooler areas of East Gippsland. The extent of occurrence of the species is approximately 45900 km2

Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
Coastal lowlands only - coastal swamps, heath and woodlands. In New South Wales they are found around lagoons, hind-dune creeks, swamps and waterholes. The substrate is usually loose sand. In Victoria it is an inhabitant of forest gullies, adults are usually found in vegetation along deeply forested stream gullies in wet and dry forest, woodlands and shrubs. Males call in spring and summer from on the ground or in low vegetation at pond edges. Eggs are in small jelly clumps attached to vegetation. Tadpoles are found in still water in dams, ditches, isolated pools and flooded hollows.

Trends and Threats
Large area of appropriate habitat. No indications of population declines in recent years. Populations apparently stable, but data very patchy and limited. Taxanomic uncertainty and confusion until relatively recently.

Uncertain. Coastal developments that fill in swamps and adjacent lands.

Conservation Measures
None as yet, except disease control protocols.


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