Leptopelis concolor
family: Arthroleptidae

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN (Red List) Status Least Concern (LC)
Other International Status None
National Status None
Regional Status None



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A rather small Leptopelis (males 31-34 mm) from the low-lying savannas in coastal Kenya and north-eastern Tanzania. Has reduced webbing and a rather constant pattern forming a dark interorbital bar and an indistinct reversed Y on dorsum. Voice a clack and scream. No pectoral glands in males.

Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, United Republic of


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Found in the rather dense savanna with high grass and many trees and bushes in the coastal lowlands of southern Somalia, Kenya and adjacent parts of Tanzania. It is the only Leptopelis found here; L. bocagii is found in the Kenya highlands, and L. flavomaculatus is confined to forests.

Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
iMales call from widely-spaced positions in large, dense bushes or on tall grass, usually over 1.5 m above the ground. The voice is an un-melodious clack followed by two or three shrill screams, or sometimes the screams followed by the clack, or clacks or screams alone. It is difficult to believe that it is the same animal uttering the two calls. The clack has a brief duration (0.05 sec) and a very indistinct frequency-intensity maximum at 1500-2000 cps, while the scream has a longer duration (0.15-0.20 sec) and a well-defined frequency-intensity maximum at 2000 cps. The structure of the call consists of harmonics with a vibrato, with a fundamental of about 400 cps.

This account was taken from "Treefrogs of Africa" by Arne Schiøtz with kind permission from Edition Chimaira publishers, Frankfurt am Main.


Schiøtz, A. (1999). Treefrogs of Africa. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main.

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