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Hyperolius semidiscus Hewitt, 1927
Yellow-striped Reed Frog, Umgqagqa wemigqa ephuzi (Zulu)
family: Hyperoliidae
genus: Hyperolius
Species Description: Hewitt, J. (1927). Further descriptions of reptiles and batrachians from South Africa. Record of the Albany Museum. Grahamstown 3: 371–415.
Hyperolius semidiscus
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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Least Concern (LC)
National Status None
Regional Status None


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A medium-sized Hyperolius (up to 35 mm) from South Africa, dorsum green or brown, most often with a yellow canthal and dorsolateral line with well-defined edges and often a thin black outline. Concealed surfaces of limbs, webbing and digits yellow or orange. Ventrum cream or yellow. Gular flap dark yellow. Pupil horizontal.

The tadpoles reach 48 mm. They are light brown with a pale underside and mottled fins. Tooth formula 1/1+1,2.

Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: South Africa, Swaziland

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Found in dense reeds and vegetation along river courses and standing water along the east coast of southern Africa but veering off the Mozambique Plain into highland areas around Swaziland.

Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
The call is a harsh creak interspersed with a longer pulsatile croak.

The eggs are deposited in water in clutches of about 30. Total clutch size is about 200.

This account was taken from "Treefrogs of Africa" by Arne Schiøtz with kind permission from Edition Chimaira publishers, Frankfurt am Main.


Phaka, F.M., Netherlands, E.C., Kruger, D.J.D., Du Preez, L.H. (2019). Folk taxonomy and indigenous names for frogs in Zululand, South Africa. J Ethnobiology Ethnomedicine 15, 17. [link]

Schiøtz, A. (1999). Treefrogs of Africa. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main.

Originally submitted by: Arne Schiøtz (first posted 2001-01-29)
Edited by: Kellie Whittaker (2023-05-31)

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