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Hynobius glacialis Lai & Lue, 2008
Nanhu Salamander
Subgenus: Poyarius
family: Hynobiidae
subfamily: Hynobiinae
genus: Hynobius
Species Description: Lai J-Sm Kye K-Y 2008 Two new Hynobius (Caudata: Hynobiidae) salamanders from Taiwan. Herpetologica 64:63-80.

AmphibiaChina 中国两栖类.

Conservation Status (definitions)
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National Status None
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Hynobius glacialis is a moderately large species, the largest among Taiwanese Hynobius. Adult SVL ranges from 47.8-67.4 mm, and tail length from 37.1-56.5 mm. Head and body roughly form a cylinder. Eyes are protuberant. The number of vomerine teeth (U-shaped) ranges from 42-80; number of upper jaw teeth from 47-74; and number of lower jaw teeth from 45-75. There are usually 12 costal grooves (range is 11-13) between the limbs. Tips of fore- and hindlimb toes touch when limbs are adpressed to the flank. Feet are small with discrete digits: four unwebbed toes on each forelimb and five unwebbed toes on each hindlimb.

Yellowish brown dorsal side is decorated evenly with deep black, irregular, short stripes. Ventral side of the head is gray brown, with numerous pale yellow spots. Trunk and limbs are gray to dark gray ventrally, with pale yellow blotches near flanks. Individuals vary in the number of dorsal black stripes and ventral yellow blotches.

Distribution and Habitat

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Occurs in the northern Central and Syueshan Mountains Ranges of Taiwan at altitudes over 3000 m. Hynobius glacialis lives in the vicinity of alpine tundra, generally along creeks, cold springs, and seepages. During the day, they hide under rocks on gravel beds.

Hynobius glacialis is similar to H. sonani in morphology, but has a narrower head and shorter hindlimbs.

The specific name glacialis is Latin for glacial or icy, referring to the glacial relics on Mount Nanhuda.


Lai, J.-S., Kye, K.-Y. (2008). ''Two new Hynobius (Caudata: Hynobiidae) salamanders from Taiwan.'' Herpetologica, 64(1), 63-80.

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