Location Web Service

How to dynamically retrieve a list of species from AmphibiaWeb
by country or state code or name, scientific name, or common name

1) Create a URL using format below. Case (capitalization) is not important in the country or state codes or in the names.

Example 1:

All amphibians in France:


Example 2:

All amphibians in France with "Bufo" in the scientific name, in family "Bufonidae," and in order "Anura":


Example 3:

All amphibians in France with the word "toad" in the common name:


Example 4:

All amphibians in North Dakota:

You can include the country code (US)
or not
or you can spell out the state name
AmphibiaWeb only stores state codes for U.S. states.

Example 5:

All amphibians in the Canadian province of Alberta:


Canadian Provinces:

Alberta                    AB
British Columbia           BC
Manitoba                   MB
New Brunswick              NB
Newfoundland and Labrador  NL
Northwest Territories      NT
Nova Scotia                NS
Nunavut                    NU
Ontario                    ON
Prince Edward Island       PE
Quebec                     QC
Saskatchewan               SK
Yukon                      YT

2) The above URLs will create xml files, which you can reformat for display on another web site.

Additional information: