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ARCHIVE AmphibiaWeb Usage

This is an archived page-- no longer updated. AmphibiaWeb is currently receiving >18,000 specific queries each day (2012). These are specific queries to the database, not simple page hits. Since the database went online in January 2000, the number of people submitting queries has grown from an average of 148 queries/day in 2000 to 18,622 queries/day in 2012.

A surge of queries after May 2006 is due to the indexing by search engines. In contrast, reduction in queries in the last months of 2007 is due to the replacement of an old server that had not been used to serve web pages for two years, but had kept forwarding queries. In January 2008, AmphibiaWeb began a partnership with Encyclopedia of Life (EOL), allowing users to access AmphibiaWeb information via EOL and producing another surge to new levels of queries.

This graph shows the average queries/day for each month from January 2000 onwards.

This graph allows you to compare the web usage per month.