AmphibiaWeb Student Tech Fund Project

Calling all UC Berkeley Student Developers!

Thanks to a UC Berkeley Student Technology Fund award, we are seeking motivated UC Berkeley students to develop two mobile applications based on the AmphibiaWeb platform, one team for iOS (iphone) and one for android smartphones.

We propose to bring AmphibiaWeb, a globally used UC Berkeley biodiversity resource on frogs, salamanders and caecilians, to smartphones. Just like AmphibiaWeb, inspired by UC Berkeley students and researchers, we seek developers to build Android and iPhone apps so that users can access amphibian species information, media (photos and audio), maps, and generate checklists based on their current location, wherever users are on their smartphone, expanding our access for conservation and education.

Offering mobile apps version of AmphibiaWeb will promote and expand our reach. Inspired by UC Berkeley undergraduates, AmphibiaWeb’s mobile apps will be created by student programmers with the support of the AmphibiaWeb research team. Up to a quarter of AmphibiaWeb's 25,000 monthly users are on mobile devices, with 60% on android.

Currently our iPhone app is deprecated as the current iOS no longer supports 32-bit applications. We will use the legacy version for inspiration and as a model of the desired functionality. The mobile app will feature: species lists, frog calls, map lookups, range maps, and the most recent species data on amphibians. The apps will use the AmphibiaWeb API (XML) and possibly other web services.

Apply Now! Applicants must be a current UC Berkeley student. A stipend of $1000 is available for the selected student developers. Prospective candidates will be invited for an interview which will be ongoing through February 14th. Work will commence as soon as convenient (late February or March). Contact Project Coordinator Jacques Jougla or AmphibiaWeb Assoc. Director Michelle Koo for more information.

Previous Version

AmphibiaWeb on iTunes

by University of California Berkeley Natural History Museums and Field Stations

While the current iphone app is no longer available, we will use this as a model of desired functionality. To read more about the AmphibiaWeb iPhone app and its development, see the Herpetology Notes paper written by AmphibiaWeb programmers, Melrose Roderick and Joyce Gross.

Version Log

Version 2.0.2

Updates (February 2013): iOS 5 compatible.

Version 2.0

Updates (January 2013): Displays range maps from IUCN Global Amphibian Assessment 2010; Easier navigation; Faster loading. Other minor improvements for iOS6, may have compatibility issues with older iOS versions.

Version 1.2.1

New features (September 2012) include: browse amphibians by image (with adjustable image sizes), download data and calls in the background, minor bug fixes. Also, home screen and options menu displays current total known species count. Now compatible with iPad!

Version 1.0.1

Features include (December 2011): search for amphibian species by name or geography including your location, view species descriptions, species photos, mapped specimen points, and listen to calls.

Screenshot Gallery - AmphibiaWeb iPhone v 2.0

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