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Contributors to AmphibiaWeb

These people generously contributed their sound and video files to AmphibiaWeb.

Sound or Video Files
A. A. Giaretta Sound file [1]
A. A. Giaretta and T. de Carvalho Video [2]
A. Ambrose and S. Sillett Sound file [1]
A.P. Lima Video [1]
AA Giaretta Sound files [3]
AAGiaretta Sound files [14]
Abel Batista Sound file [1]
Aldemar A. Acevedo Sound files [4]
Alejandro Arteaga Sound file [1]
Alessandro Catenazzi Sound files [2], Video [1]
Alexandre Herbin Sound files [2]
Andolalao Rakotoarison Sound files [7]
André Pinassi Antunes Sound file [1]
Andreas Hertz Sound file [1]
Antoine Fouquet Sound file [1]
Ariadne Angulo Sound file [1]
Ariovaldo A. Giaretta Sound files [51], Video [3]
Ariovaldo Antonio Giaretta Sound file [1]
Ariovaldo Antonio Giaretta (AAG) Sound files [3]
Ariovaldo Giaretta Sound file [1]
Ariovaldo Giaretta and Leandro Magrini Sound file [1]
BBC Video [1]
Ben Evans Sound files [7]
Ben Zolno Video [1]
Benjamin Tapley Video [1]
Bernardo F. V. Teixeira Sound files [2]
Bernardo Franco da Veiga Teixeira Sound file [1]
Bernardo Teixeira Video [1]
Blake Ormand Sound file [1]
Brian K. Sullivan Sound files [3]
Brian K. Sullivan, Erik W. A. Gergus Sound file [1]
Brian K. Sullivan, Keith B. Malmos Sound files [2]
Carl Hutter Video [1]
Carlos Davidson Sound files [6]
Carlos Davidson and Cynthia Kaufman Sound file [1]
Carlos Davidson with Anne Bradley Sound file [1]
Carlos Davidson with Damien Maloney Sound files [2]
Carlos Davidson, Cynthia Kaufman Sound files [2]
Carlos Davidson, Stephen Corn Sound file [1]
Carlos E. Guarnizo Sound file [1]
Carlos Machado Sound file [1]
Conrad Hoskin Sound file [1]
Cynthia Kagarise Sherman Sound files [2]
Daniel Din Negre Sound file [1]
David McGowan Video [1]
Dr. Clive Nuttman Video [1]
Dr. Mauricio S. Akmentins Sound file [1]
Dr. Ulmar Grafe Sound files [50]
Endangered Species International Video [2]
Eranda Nipunika Mandawala Sound files [11]
Evan Twomey Sound files [3]
Fabio Hidalgo Sound file [1]
Fábio Maffei Sound files [40]
Felipe Sá Fortes Leite Sound file [1]
Felipe Silva de Andrade Sound files [3]
Franco Andreone Sound files [4]
Frank Glaw Sound files [5]
Frank Glaw & Miguel Vences Sound files [3]
Fred Kraus Sound files [12]
Frederic Griesbaum Sound file [1]
Gary Nafis Sound files [16], Video [1]
Goncalo M. Rosa Sound file [1]
Gururaja KV Video [3]
Hadi Amini Sound files [2]
Hamid Khavanin Zadeh Sound file [1]
Heidi Rockney Sound file [1]
Henrique Wogel Sound file [1]
Ho Yuen YEUNG Sound files [2]
Institute for Zoology, University of Vienna Video [8]
Isabelle Aquemi Haga Sound files [2]
James W. Beck Sound files [35]
Jana C. Riemann Sound files [2]
Jana C. Riemann & Serge H. Ndriantsoa Sound files [2]
Jason L. Brown Sound file [1]
Jean-Marc Hero Sound files [94], Video [1]
Jeff Rice Sound files [11]
Jeff Rice and Gary Nafis Sound files [3]
Jeremy Feinberg Sound files [2]
Jianhuan YANG Sound files [2]
Jim Rorabaugh Sound files [6]
Johannes Klages Sound file [1]
Jörn Köhler Sound files [2]
Juan David Fernandez Sound files [5]
Juan M. Guayasamin Sound file [1]
Juan Salvador Mendoza Roldan Sound files [3]
K. S. Seshadri Sound file [1]
K.S. Seshadri Video [1]
Karl Mokross Video [44]
Katie Holzer & Robert Bayers Sound files [6]
Kellie Whittaker Video [1]
Kevin Quatman Video [2]
Leandro Magrini Sound files [2]
Lucas Borges Martins Sound file [1], Video [1]
M.Sacramento Sound files [5]
Marcos Ponce Sound file [1]
Mario Lo Valvo Sound file [1]
Mario Sacramento Sound files [21]
Mark D. Scherz Sound file [1]
Mark Pepper Sound file [1]
Martha Tobias Sound files [13]
Martha Tonias Sound file [1]
Maximilian Dehling Sound file [1], Video [1]
Mehdi Chalani Sound files [2]
Meisam Mashayekhi Sound file [1]
Melika Alami Sound file [1]
Michael Burroughs of the US Fish and Wildlife Service (Southern Nevada Field Office) Sound file [1]
Michael J. Ryan Sound file [1]
Michel V. Garey Sound file [1]
Miguel Vences Sound files [6]
Mirco Solé Sound file [1]
Miss Lyndsey Williams Sound file [1]
Nathan Litjens Sound files [8]
Pamela Glintenkamp Video [1]
Parham Beyhaghi Sound files [19]
Paulo C.A. Garcia Sound file [1]
Paulo Roberto Melo-Sampaio Sound file [1]
Peter Janzen Sound files [12], Video [19]
Philip Vanbergen Video [2]
Public Television Wild Chronicles, from National Geographic Mission Programs Video [1]
Robert Fisher Video [1]
Rodney Shannon Video [1]
Rodrigo Dela Rosa Sound files [22]
Sam McNally Video [3]
Santiago Ron Video [2]
SD Biju, Systematics Lab Sound files [2], Video [2]
Sean Schoville Video [1]
Soheyl Sami Sound file [1]
Sophie Collier Sound files [4]
Steffen Reichle Sound file [1]
Stevan Arnold Video [2]
Steve J. Richards Sound file [1]
Teixeira, Bernardo Franco da Veiga Sound file [1]
Teppei Jono Sound file [1]
Thiago R. de Carvalho Sound files [15]
Tim C. Ziesmer Sound files [4]
Tom Devitt Video [3]
Vaclav Gvozdik Sound file [1]
Vance Vredenburg Video [2]
Vinicius C. Silva e Souza Sound file [1]
Walter Hödl Video [1]
Zach Felix Sound files [8]
Zaharil Dzulkafly Sound files [28]