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Nanorana parkeri | High Himalaya Frog

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One of the first frogs to have its whole genome sequenced is Nanorana parkeri, a Tibetan frog that breeds at elevations from 2,800 m to almost 5,000 m, making it perhaps the highest elevation frog. A research team has used availability of its genome to study variation along geographic and elevational gradients (Wang et al. 2018). Genomes were obtained from 63 individuals and used to study adaptation and species formation. Selection was detected in 579 highly divergent genomic regions, involving 365 genes in 51 functional classes. High altitude adaptation was evidenced in genes associated with blood circulation, response to hypoxia and UV radiation. Such adaptation plays a significant role in maintaining and driving continued divergence, even leading to reproductive isolation. The paper opens a new era in the study of genomics of natural populations of amphibians.

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