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Dendropsophus labialis | Green Dotted Treefrog

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"Frogs call the water with their songs" and "Some people look for good luck numbers on the ventral spots of the frogs" -- these are some of the traditional beliefs in the Colombian Andes reported in a study by Rios-Orejuela et al (2020). Local communities maintain active relationships with their ecosystems, which is essential to conservation efforts. Colombia possesses one of the highest biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in the world, and the Andean region of the Reserva Forestal Protectora Cerro Quininí is one of the most important ecological corridors in the northeast Andes and 90% of the reserve is shared with the local community. The authors surveyed 61 inhabitants in the region about their academic knowledge, use and cultural beliefs, and interaction with the herpetofauna. The survey found that the local community recognizes the particular habitat for each type of animal (e.g., frog, lizard), which could help identify conservation hotspots. Most of the inhabitants do not recognize any traditional or medical use for these animals, even though the reported uses are diverse. Finally, in general, the interaction with this herpetofauna is either neutral or positive. However, the inhabitants located in rural areas interact in a more positive or neutral way compared to the urban inhabitants. This study highlights the necessity for greater efforts in dissemination and scientific communication that allow the local community to get involved and contribute in more concrete and effective ways in the management and conservation efforts of the herpetofauna of the region.

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