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Disease-causing pathogens are significant contributors to amphibian population declines. A recent review (Blaustein et al 2018) summarizes experimental studies that assess effects of three pathogens (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, B. salamandrivorans, and ranaviruses) on amphibian hosts. It includes experimental studies in the laboratory, in mesocosms, and from the field as well as experiments on the interactive effects of these pathogens with other contributors of amphibian declines. Though well-designed experimental studies are critical for understanding the impacts of disease, inconsistencies in experimental methodologies limit our ability to compare and draw conclusions. Studies found host susceptibility varies by species, host age, life history stage, population and biotic (e.g., presence of competitors, predators) and abiotic conditions (e.g., temperature, presence of contaminants), as well as the strain and dose of the pathogen, to which hosts are exposed. The review suggests the importance of implementing standard protocols and reporting for experimental studies of amphibian disease.

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