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Dermatonotus muelleri | Mueller’s Termite Frog

Photo © Arturo Munoz

Amphibian News
Studies of reproduction associated with skin glands among frogs are rare. However, work by Antoniezi et al. (2022) on Mueller’s Termite Frog (Dermatonotus muelleri) – a Brazilian microhylid known for its toxic skin secretion – showed that this species possesses poison glands that are uncommon among frogs: they are very large, elongated, one juxtaposed to the other, and occupying a considerable part of the dermal volume. The authors further showed that in males, adhesive glands were observed in the dorsum of the forefoot, ventral forearm, as well as the pectoral and anterior ventral regions. The disposition of such glands seems to compensate for the round and short forelimbs of Dermatonotus muelleri during amplexus through an axillary embrace. Their work contributes to our knowledge of skin gland diversity especially with respect to reproduction.

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