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Litoria tyleri | Tyler's Tree Frog

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AmphibiaWeb is saddened to announce the recent death of Michael J. Tyler, British-born biologist, who spent his adult life studying the frogs of Australia and adjacent regions, including Papua New Guinea. Mike Tyler conducted many notable studies, such as gastric brooding in Rheobatrachus silus. He authored more than 300 scientific publications including general books for the public on Australian frogs and field guides to the frogs of Australia, South Australia and Western Australia (his field guide to western Australian frogs with Paul Doughty is now in its 4th edition). He had long-term productive collaborations with Margaret Davies on frog anatomy, as well as with physiological colleagues on glandular secretions and chemical defenses of frogs. His many publications include numerous taxonomic studies leading to the descriptions of many new species (e.g., of Uperoleia, Cyclorana, Litoria). He long was concerned with the conservation of frogs. We will miss his collegiality and contributions.

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