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Nyctibatrachus humayuni | Bombay Night Frog

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Willaert et al. (2016) presents the first details of the reproductive behavior of frogs of the Indian endemic family Nyctibatrachidae. There are several surprises. The subject of the study, Nyctibatrachus humayuni, is a stream-breeder. Both males and females call, although the latter is rare and of unclear function. Males call from territories that may be partly submerged, but usually are on rocks, vegetation and fallen trees bordering or overhanging streams; territories were observed up to 4 m above water. A female approaches a male, who mounts the female without using a grasping amplexus, instead using the hands to hold onto vegetation, thus supporting the pair. Termed a "dorsal straddle", this loose embrace is short in duration. Immediately after the male dismounts, the female lays the full clutch in a few seconds, without any physical contact with the male. The eggs when collected immediately are already fertilized, leading to the hypothesis that the male spreads sperm over the surface of the female's back and legs, enabling fertilization as the eggs are laid.

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