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Duttaphrynus melanostictus | Southeast Asian Toad

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A major concern with amphibian pathogens is their introduction into new regions. A new study by Garcia-Diaz et al (2016) used two statistical models, each under two different scenarios, to investigate the effectiveness of border and post-border biosurveillance and biosecurity in reducing the likelihood of introductions of ranaviruses via non-native amphibian species into Australia. Biosecurity is thought to be relatively effective in Australia. The total number of amphibian stowaways increased with high transport pressure between 2004 and 2012, illustrating the increased need for biosecurity screening. Border and post-border biosecurity activities led to a reduction in the risk of introduction of alien ranaviruses into Australia. Although far from perfect, biosecurity screening should be emphasized as a critical factor in limiting the diffusion of amphibian pathogens.

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