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Siphonops annulatus | Ringed Caecilian

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The region of the western Amazon and foothill of the Andes is home to the highest anuran biodiversity, and understanding how its communities are assembled sheds light on processes that maintain amphibian biodiversity. In a recent study, Jiménez Robles et al (2017) examined species richness, beta diversity, and reproductive traits of amphibians locally at a site in Ecuador, and regionally using >100 sites across the Amazon and Andean foothills. Whereas species turnover across habitats was the main predictor at local scales, showing the importance of preserving a diversity of habitat types, at regional scale, elevation emerged as the main predictor explaining changes in species richness, reproductive modes and biotic dissimilarities.

Current number of amphibian species: 7,730 (Sep 24, 2017) Newly added species