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Aneides flavipunctatus | Black Salamander

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How long do salamanders live? Staub (2016) reviews evidence for salamanders of the family Plethodontidae, and concludes that these generally small animals can attain relatively great age. The most direct evidence is from captive animals, and members of Plethodon, Aneides and Phaeognathus, among others, have attained ages in excess of 30 years (the individual in the photograph was collected as an adult in April 1985, and is still apparently in robust health). In a separate field study (Staub 2016a), Aneides flavipunctatus longevity was estimated to be on the order of 18 or 25 years, using different methods. Other field estimates also show long lives, as great as 32 years. Methods tend to be conservative, and some individuals might be substantially older.

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