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Rana aurora | Northern Red-legged Frog

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The Northern Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora) is of particular conservation concern in the Pacific Northwest, where their population has decreased in abundance and in site occupancy in recent years. Nelson et al. (2017), using passive acoustic monitoring devices, have shed light on this cryptically breeding ranid dispelling previous notions of their natural history. They found that red-legged frogs actually breed over the course of at least 32 days instead of a brief two week window as previously thought. Most interestingly, they report that underwater chorus length lasted nearly 8 hours on average, with a maximum chorus length of 14 hours over the course of a single day! Their acoustic analyses also showed calling effort was affected by temperature specifically reduced by cold snaps. This study demonstrates the importance of continued acoustic monitoring for sensitive species, especially when conservation strategies often rely on occupancy and detection surveys.

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