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Kuzmin, S.L. (2017) The Amphibians of Mongolia (PDF) In Russian and English, a thorough species guide to all the amphibians in Mongolia (six in total), including detailed notes on natural history, distribution, range maps and descriptions of habitats. With illustrations and color plates.(KMK Scientific Press)
Gururaja KV (2012) Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats (PDF in landscape format) The color guide illustrates 73 species of over 200 species (nearly a third) of frogs in the Western Ghats. (Gubbi Labs)
Nanjappa, Priya and Conrad, Paulette (Eds, 2012) State of the Union: Legal Authority Over the Use of Native Amphibians and Reptiles in the United States (PDF) Hosted by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, this handbook covers the legal authority of 49 US states regarding laws for amphibians and reptiles (excluding Hawaii). Covers issues for breeders, businesses, rescues, conservation organizations, and researchers in the United States.
Dutta, S.K. and Manamendra-Arachchi, K. (1996) The Amphibian Fauna of Sri Lanka
(PDF under CC-BY-NC-SA)
Published in 1996 as a state-of-the-field for amphibian biology of Sri Lanka, this book provides a solid foundation for its subject; it is based on field surveys, museum vouchers, and literature reviews of all known species of Sri Lanka. It provides keys, species accounts, photos and distributional data. (Wildlife Heritage Trust Publications)
Lips, Karen R. & Reaser, Jamie K. (1999) El Monitoreo de Anfibios en America latina: Un Manual para Coordinar Esfuerzos
(PDF in Spanish)
Modeled after the definitive guide to amphibian surveys, "Measuring and monitoring biological diversity: standard methods for amphibians" by Heyer, WR, MA Donnelley, RW McDiarmid, LC Hayek and MS Foster, Karen Lips and Jamie Reaser has written a clear useful guide to "Monitoring Amphibians IN Latin America. (The Nature Conservancy)

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