Ichthyophis catlocensis
Cat Loc Caecilian
family: Ichthyophiidae
Species Description: Geissler P, Poyarkov JR NA, Grismer L, Nguyen TQ, An HT. Neang T, Kupfer A, Ziegler T, Boehme W, Mueller H 2015 (2014) New Ichthyophis species from Indochina (Gymnophiona, Ichthyophiidae): 1. The unstriped forms with descriptions of three new species and the redescriptions of I. acuminatus Taylor 1960, I. youngorum Taylor, 1960 and I. laosensis Taylor, 1969. Organisms Diversity & Evolution DOI 10.1007/s13127-014-0190-6
Conservation Status (definitions)
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Other International Status None
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      Ichthyophis catlocensis