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Species of Questionable Taxonomy

We reserve this page for species with highly problematic taxonomy and phylogeny, which may be the result of poorly known species, missing or poorly preserved type specimens, destroyed records, a general lack of information to resolve the species relationships.

In the case of Zachaenus, it is often placed in Cycloramphidae, which is problematic as molecular results suggests it would make the group nonmonophyletic. Zachaenus roseus is known only from a damaged type specimen and considered a synonym of Eupsophus calcaratus by Lavilla et al 2010.

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Relevant Reference

Lavilla, E. O., J. J. Nuñez, F. E. Rabanal, J. A. Langone, and R. O. de Sá. 2010. The identity of Zachaenus roseus Cope, 1890 (Anura: species inquirenda). Zootaxa 2561: 49–58.

Genus Zachaenus (3 species)
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