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Paradactylodon persicus

Subgenus: Paradactylodon
family: Hynobiidae
subfamily: Hynobiinae
Taxonomic Notes: Populations from the far eastern parts of the Elburz Mountains of Iran were long recognized as Paradactylodon gorganensis. Ahmadzadeh, et al. 2020 Amphibia- Reptilia 41:519-534 use mtDNA markers to study goegraphic variation, which is very low. P. gorganensis is nested within P. persicus and is synonymized with it. Dubois and Raffaelli (2012) Alytes 28:77-161 consider the creation of the name Paradactylodon to be invalid and offer a substitute name Iranodon. AmphibiaWeb considers Paradactylodon to be a valid name.

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN (Red List) Status Near Threatened (NT)
National Status Iran: Vulnerable
Regional Status Shirabad Cave and the surrounding area was designated a Natural National Place by the Department of Environment of Gorgan and Gonbad-e-Kavous in 1998.



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      Paradactylodon persicus