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Hynobius vandenburghi Dunn, 1923
Yamato-sansyou-uwo; Yamato Salamander
Subgenus: Hynobius
family: Hynobiidae
subfamily: Hynobiinae
genus: Hynobius
Species Description: Dunn, E. R. (1923). "New species of Hynobius from Japan." Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 4th Series 12: 27–29.
Taxonomic Notes: Resurrected from synonymy with H. nebulosus by: Matsui M, Okawa H, Aoki G, Eto K, Yoshikawa N, Tanabe S, Misawa Y, Tominaga A (2019). "Systematics of the widely distributed clouded salamander, Hynobius nebulosus (Amhibia: Caudata: Hynobiidae) and its closest relatives." Current Herpetology 38:32-90.
Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account
National Status None
Regional Status None



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      Hynobius vandenburghi