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Hyloxalus pulcherrimus (Duellman, 2004)
family: Dendrobatidae
subfamily: Hyloxalinae
genus: Hyloxalus
Species Description: Duellman, W. E. (2004)Frogs of the Genus Colostethus (Anura; Dendrobatidae) in the Andes of Northern Peru. �Scientific Papers Natural History Museum University of Kansas, (35), pp 1-49.
Hyloxalus pulcherrimus
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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Data Deficient (DD)
National Status None
Regional Status None


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Males of this moderately large species of Hyloxalus attain a snout-vent length of SVL of 28.2 mm,; females reach 29.7 mm. The discs on the fingers and toes are slightly expanded. Finger I is longer than Finger II, and Finger III is not swollen in males. Lateral fringes are present on the fingers and toes. An outer tarsal fold and tarsal tubercle are absent; the inner tarsal fold is curved on the distal half of the tarsus. Webbing is absent between the toes. The dorsum of the head and body are pale grayish green with irregular coppery brown markings; the flanks are black with blush white flecks and streaks. The oblique lateral stripes are dull tan anteriorly and bluish white posteriorly; dorsolateral and ventrolateral stripes are absent. The throat, chest, abdomen, and ventral surfaces of the limbs are cream with varying amounts of brown mottling. The upper lips are pinkish tan, becoming white posteriorly; the digital scutes are pale gray bordered by black, and the iris is bronze-brown. A median lingual process is absent, and the testes are white (Duellman 2004).

Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: Peru

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This species is known only from two small streams in the immediate vicinity of Cutervo, a village at an elevation of 2620 m in a cultivated valley in the Cordillera Occidental in northern Peru. The frogs were active in the streams by day; adult Hyloxalus elachyhistus were found in the same streams.


Duellman, W. E. (2004). ''Frogs of the genus Colostethus (Anura; Dendrobatidae) in the Andes of northern Peru.'' Scientific Papers of the Natural History Museum, University of Kansas, 35, 1-49.

Originally submitted by: William Duellman (first posted 2004-12-13)
Edited by: Kellie Whittaker (2007-12-03)

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