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Dendrophryniscus proboscideus (Boulenger, 1882)
Beaked Toad
family: Bufonidae
genus: Dendrophryniscus
Species Description: Boulenger G.A. 1882. Catalogue of the Batrachia Salientia s. Ecaudata in the Collection of the British Museum. 2nd Edition. London: Taylor and Francis.

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Data Deficient (DD)
National Status None
Regional Status None



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Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: Brazil


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Taxonomic Note (David Cannatella): Taxonomic name changes for this Amazonian species, named in 1882 by Boulenger, are confusing. It has been variously placed in Atelopus, Dendrophryniscus, Rhamphophryne, and Rhinella. It was explicitly moved to Rhinella by Chaparro et al. (2007; Copeia, 2007:1027) and so became Rhinella proboscidea. However, this action created a conflict because there already existed a Rhinella proboscidea, named by Spix in 1824. The rules of nomenclature do not permit the use of two different "Rhinella proboscidea," a conflict known as homonymy--the same name for different species.

To resolve this, the older name is preferred--Rhinella proboscidea of Spix, 1824, not of Boulenger, 1882. What this means is that the species proboscidea of Boulenger needed to be given a new name. The replacement name boulengeri chosen by Chaparro et al. (2007), so the new genus-species combination was changed to Rhinella boulengeri. This action resolved the problem of having two Rhinella proboscidea.

Not long after, Fouquet et al. (2012, Zootaxa 3244:68) published a comprehensive analysis showing that Rhinella boulengeri (the one in SE Brazil) should clearly be included in Dendrophryniscus. Since moving the species boulengeri from Rhinella to Dendrophryniscus resolves the problem of having two Rhinella proboscidea, the newly named species boulengeri reverts back to its original name proboscidea. This species is now called Dendrophryniscus proboscideus.

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