Agalychnis spurrelli
Gliding Leaf Frog, Gliding Tree Frog, Spurrell's Leaf Frog
family: Hylidae
subfamily: Phyllomedusinae

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN (Red List) Status Least Concern (LC)
CITES Appendix II
Other International Status None
National Status None
Regional Status None



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From the IUCN Red List Species Account:


Range Description

This species ranges widely in the humid lowlands and lower portions of the premontane zone of southeastern and southwestern Costa Rica, through Panama and the Pacific lowlands of Colombia to northwestern Ecuador. Its altitudinal range is 15-750m.

Habitat and Ecology

It is a nocturnal canopy species of undisturbed humid lowland forest. Explosive breeding takes place in temporary rain pools without fish following, or during, heavy rains. Eggs are deposited on the upper-surfaces of leaves, 1.5-8m above the water. Hatching tadpoles fall into the water below.


This species is rarely seen because of its arboreal habits. It abundance is unclear.

Population Trend


Major Threats

The major threats are deforestation for agricultural development, illegal crops, logging, and human settlement, and pollution resulting from the spraying of illegal crops. The known localities in Ecuador are facing considerable human pressure. Museum specimens of this species have been found to be infected with chytridiomycosis, but the current impact of this pathogen on the species in the wild is not known.

Conservation Actions

It has been recorded from a number of protected areas, including at least three in Panama and three in Costa Rica. In Ecuador, its geographic range overlaps with Reserva Ecológica Cotacachi-Cayapas, but it is not confirmed from any protected areas in Colombia.
It is listed on CITES Appendix II.

Red List Status

Least Concern (LC)


Listed as Least Concern in view of its wide distribution, presumed large population, and because it is unlikely to be declining fast enough to qualify for listing in a more threatened category.

Taxonomic Notes

More than one species may currently be included within Agalychnis spurrelli (Federico Bolaños pers. comm.).


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