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Litoria peronii (Tschudi, 1838)
Peron's Tree Frog
family: Hylidae
subfamily: Pelodryadinae
genus: Litoria
Taxonomic Notes: Following the Australian Society of Herpetology, AmphibiaWeb uses Litoria instead of Ranoidea or Dryopsophus (contrary to Dubois and Fretey 2016 and Duellman et al 2016).

   (39.3 K WAV file)
Locality Mt Martha
County Mornington Peninsula
State Victoria
Country Australia
Date Recorded 2001-11-01
Call Type advertisement
Temperature (F/C)
Temperature Type
Background Litoria verreauxii, Litoria ewingii, Crinia signifera, Limnodynastes tasmaniensis, Limnodynastes dumerilii
Notes Male sounds only slightly unusual, with quicker call and without the usual musical quality.
Recorded By Nathan Litjens
Source Nathan Litjens
Copyright For commercial use, contact Nathan Litjens (
Date Entered 2002-08-08

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