Bufotes siculus
Sicilian Green Toad, Rospo smeraldino siciliano, Sizilianische Wechselkr├Âte, crapaud vert de Sicile, Sapo verde siciliano
family: Bufonidae
Species Description: Stoeck, M., Sicilia, A., Belfiore, N., Buckley, D., Lo Brutto, S., Lo Valvo, M. and Arculeo, M. 2008. Post-Messinian evolutionary relationships across the Sicilian channel: Mitochondrial and nuclear markers link a new green toad from Sicily to African relatives. BMC Evolutionary Biology 56(8): doi:10.1186/1471- 2148-8-56.

   (6291.5 K WAV file)
Locality Mte. Pellegrino reserve, Palermo
Country Italy
Date Recorded
Call Type advertisement
Temperature (F/C) 16┬░C
Temperature Type air
Recorded By Mario Lo Valvo
Copyright For permission to use this file, contact Mario Lo Valvo.
Date Entered 2008-04-05

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