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Andinobates geminisae Batista, Jaramillo, Ponce & Crawford, 2014
Poison Dart Frog
family: Dendrobatidae
subfamily: Dendrobatinae
genus: Andinobates
Species Description: Batista A. Jaramillo A CA, Ponce M, Crawford AJ 2014 A new species of Andinobates (Amphibia: Anura: Dendrobatidae) from west central Panama. Zootaxa 3866: 333-352.

   (2073.5 K WAV file)
Locality Distrito de Donoso, Colón Province
Country Panama
Date Recorded 2010-03-15
Call Type advertisement
Temperature (F/C) 25.9ºC
Temperature Type environmental
Notes The advertisement call of the new species was recorded using a Digital Sony recorder (ICD-P630F) (with an internal microphone) placed roughly 1.0 m from the calling male MHCH 1571 and recorded using 16 kHz at 16-bit sampling size and the file was saved in MP3 format.
Recorded By Marcos Ponce
Copyright Marcos Ponce
Date Entered 2014-09-29

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