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Ameerega trivittata (Spix, 1824)
Three-striped Poison Frog (English), groengestreepte gifkikker (Dutch), tidetide (Sranan), Sapito Dargo Trillistado (Spanish)
family: Dendrobatidae
subfamily: Colostethinae
genus: Ameerega

sound file   hear Fonozoo call

video file    (19643.8 K MOV file)
Date Recorded
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Temperature (F/C)
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Notes Calling behavior and spectrograms for several species of dendrobatid frogs in the wild. Shows rainforest habitat, terrestrial eggs and larvae of Ameerega trivittata (formerly known as Epipedobates trivittatus), tadpole transport by the male A. trivittata, then successively Ameerega trivittata, Allobates femoralis (formerly Epipedobates femoralis), Ameerega petersi (formerly Epipedobates petersi), Ameerega picta (formerly Epipedobates pictus), and Allobates marchesianus (formerly Colostethus marchesianus) calling, and contrasts how the calls differ using spectrograms.
Recorded By Institute for Zoology, University of Vienna
Source Walter Hödl
Copyright © 1991, Österreichisches Bundesinstitut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film, Wien (Austrian Federal Institute for Scientific Film, Vienna). For permission to use this file, contact Walter Hödl (
Date Entered 2008-04-14

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