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NOTE: We are sorry to say that the current Apple iOS no longer supports 32 bit applications such as the AmphibiaWeb mobile app. We are launching a new effort to develop new apps for both iOS and Android devices. Stay tuned for new products in 2018!

UC Berkeley Student Developers - Come apply to be an AmphibiaWeb Mobile App Creator!
26 January 2018

AmphibiaWeb on iTunes is no longer available

by University of California Berkeley Natural History Museums and Field Stations

Version Archive

Version 2.0.2

Updates (February 2013): iOS 5 compatible.

Version 2.0

Updates (January 2013): Displays range maps from IUCN Global Amphibian Assessment 2010; Easier navigation; Faster loading. Other minor improvements for iOS6, may have compatibility issues with older iOS versions.

Version 1.2.1

New features (September 2012) include: browse amphibians by image (with adjustable image sizes), download data and calls in the background, minor bug fixes. Also, home screen and options menu displays current total known species count. Now compatible with iPad!

Version 1.0.1

Features include (December 2011): search for amphibian species by name or geography including your location, view species descriptions, species photos, mapped specimen points, and listen to calls.

Screenshots, updated September 2012

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To read more about the AmphibiaWeb iPhone app and its development, see the Herpetology Notes paper written by AmphibiaWeb programmers, Melrose Roderick and Joyce Gross.