Contributing Data to AmphibiaWeb

We are always interested in acquiring more amphibian photos, particularly of species for which we do not yet have images. All photos are entered into the CalPhotos database, to which AmphibiaWeb links. CalPhotos allows photographers to upload photos in JPEG format directly into the database via the Web. Information associated with each photo is also required when you upload the photo, such as accepted species name, location where photo was taken, and date.

Detailed information about contributing and instructions for how to register as a photographer are available at these URLs:

Application to Contribute Photos to CalPhotos

Details and FAQ on Contributing Photos to CalPhotos

If you would like to see a list of species for which we already have photos, please see this list.

We also welcome amphibian video and sound files. Video files should be in MPG or MOV format if submitted directly to us, or can be embedded if they are hosted on YouTube. Sound files should be in MP3 or WAV format. Here is the current list of AmphibiaWeb video and sound files.

If you are interested in writing species accounts, please contact us and let us know which species accounts you are interested in writing. To see whether or not we already have an account for a particular species, you can search for the species. Species accounts are typically written using our species account template (Word Doc version), then e-mailed to us. We'll take care of the editing and formatting. You can also read more information about contributing species accounts.

AmphibiaWeb's data have been contributed from numerous individuals--please see our acknowledgements page for information about our contributors.

Thank you for supporting AmphibiaWeb and amphibian conservation!