Amphibian citizen-science: connecting amateurs and scientists

AmphibiaWeb has partnered with iNaturalist, a citizen-science social network, to connect everyday naturalists and scientists for amphibian conservation. You can participate by helping to identify these amateur observations or by contributing your own amphibian observations.

If you would like to contribute photos of already-identified amphibians to AmphibiaWeb (so they appear in AmphibiaWeb species accounts and photo searches), please upload your photos to CalPhotos.


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Amphibians around the world are disappearing. Recent estimates suggest that nearly one-third (32%) or about 2,000 species of this unique group of animals are threatened with extinction. With increasing land-use and climate change around the world, this trend is likely to worsen. To better understand and conserve these diverse and fascinating creatures, scientists urgently need information on where amphibians persist.

To collect this information, we need your help. AmphibiaWeb, the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Center for Biological Diversity, the IUCN/SSC Amphibian Specialist Group, and Amphibian Ark have launched the Global Amphibian Bioblitz.

See map below for the latest observations! Let's find them all.

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