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Bryophryne bustamantei

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In a new review, Alessandro Catenazzi (a member of the AmphibiaWeb Team) assesses the state of the World’s amphibians. The paper, filled with new information and ideas, is a thorough introduction to the issues involved in amphibian declines and attempts to combat them. The main focus is on immediate and new threats, ranging from infectious diseases to climate change. The status of amphibian conservation activity is surveyed and continuing threats (as from the recently discovered and apparently salamander-specific chytrid fungus) are evaluated. Synergistic effects are highlighted, as between disease and climate change. Catenazzi argues for more field studies of amphibian physiological ecology (for example, critical thermal limits). He discusses paradoxes, such as the discovery rate of new species while the taxon as a whole declines. His conclusion is that humans will need all their ingenuity, motivation and moral impetus to save amphibians.

Current number of amphibian species: 7,511 (Feb 6, 2016) Newly added species