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Anaxyrus baxteri | Wyoming Toad

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Over 25 years ago when researchers first began tackling the problem of global amphibian declines, studies began by focusing on single factor hypotheses that might explain global patterns. Since then, many studies have proposed that multiple factors may be responsible. The USGS Amphibian Decline Working Group (Grant et al 2016) studied 61 documented areas in North America covering 83 species to test the impact of four hypothesized large-scale factors: human disturbance, disease, pesticide effects, and climate change, especially in rainfall. They found that each stressor was regionally variable but did not explain declines at a continental scale. They conclude that the best conservation strategy must emphasize local solutions rather than a large-scale comprehensive approach.

Current number of amphibian species: 7,536 (May 31, 2016) Newly added species