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Hyla versicolor | Eastern Gray Treefrog

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Hyla versicolor has long been known to use tree canopies. However, Laughlin et al. (2017) recently discovered that the treefrogs use natural habitats much higher than previously recorded, more than 12 meters. The authors initially set up passive-infrared sensor camera traps to study white pine (Pinus strobus) canopy ecology but unexpectedly captured night images of H. versicolor at 18 meters high on four separate occasions over 14 months. The images of H. versicolor were always associated with southern flying squirrels (Glaucomys volans), which were more likely to be sensed by the cameras than the small ectothermic frogs. During that time the researchers also directly observed another H. versicolor individual during a summer day at 20.5 meters. The researchers speculate that the frogs are utilizing cooler, wetter microhabitats in the mid-canopy that allow them to maintain these heights during the day and at night. These observations highlight the need for natural history information on H. versicolor and on the non-breeding habitats and behavior of amphibians in general.

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